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  • FIVE Days until MD Sheep & Wool 2013!

     I know you guys must be stoked about this years Maryland Sheep & Wool, I know I am! It's my first year in attendance so I asked my coworkers what they thought I should bring with me. 

    Nicole's Wool Festival Preparation List

    Sunscreen  - The forecast for Westfriendship, Maryland is a sunny 67 Degrees! I'd like to work on my tan, but let's not overdo it.

    Waterbottle - Remember to hydrate!
    A hat/Sunglasses - if you're blinded by the sun, how will you be able to see all the gorgeous fibers?

    source: Koru Knits and Crafts Blog
    Snacks - to power you through a day of festivities! There aren't too many vegetarian options on the fairgrounds, so you might want to consider packing a lunch!
    Comfortable shoes - As much as I love my flip flops, experience has told me walking around fairgrounds all day in subpar footwear results in all kinds of grossness.
    An extra shopping bag - We won't have access to the bus during our stay, so I'm gonna have my trusty fold-up bag (or maybe two) with me.

    Shopping List/strategy - I'd like to think of myself as a responsible individual, but as any knitter knows, when you see a beautiful yarn, sometimes you just need to bring it home with you. So I'm printing a copy of my ravelry queue (with all the necessary yardages) so I don't make too many irresponsible purchases.

    What are you planning to bring to Sheep & Wool? Think I missed anything? Comment below or send me a critique:

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    • Mitch Levy says...

      Great attention to detail Nicole. No matter what you are being paid, you deserve an immediate raise.

      On April 30, 2013

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